Rules (Must Read)

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Rules (Must Read)

Post by Willow on Sat Aug 03, 2013 11:02 pm

  1.  Respect other people, especially staff. Be reasonable. Don't fight and if one begins, bring it to the staff. Listen to the staff, their word is final. If you find it unfair, bring it to admins.
  2. Wait for character approval. Don't roleplay without approval from staff.
  3. No spamming. This means no posting on a topic you've already posted in within twenty four hours before someone else responds. It also means no posting random nonsense.

  4. Please don't advertise. External links are permitted, with the rule that you can't overuse them and annoy people. Please don't tell people to join this place or that place. if you want to do that it MUST be in a specific area that permits it,  there will be a post about it. Also, if you are pmed an ad, please inform the admins.
  5. No asking to be staff. This usually is a sign that you aren't ready so don't bother.
  6. No power playing or god modding. This means controlling another user's character without permission.
  7. No cursing. We may have little kids on this site so only things like Damn, Crap, and minor curse words may be used.


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